Across Canada, hundreds of minor hockey athletes above the peewee level, receive head injuries from dangerous hockey plays everyday. Brian Taylor, 54, has played hockey all his life. Admittedly being a a grinder when he was young, Brian believes the game has made a change for the worse. Currently, Brian coaches his sons peewee hockey team in Calgary. Hockey Canada has imposed a rule change that makes hitting not allowed in house hockey or anything below bantam. The debate is, being introduced to hitting at a young age will reduce injuries that occur at a higher level; where kids are bigger and stronger, and the hits are heavier. 
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10/22/2013 06:14:58 am

This sounds interesting and I am glad you have picked a topic that is interesting to you and one that you can relate to directly. You need to include a paragraph on the usefulness of the article - what did you think about it? Did it change or align with your current opinion? etc....


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