What are Hugo's Motives; Why does he manipulate the other characters?
Hugo showed a very jealous side of him throughout the movie. Due to his jealousy, Hugo decides to manipulate his friends in order for personall gain. He wants to be noticed. His father pays more attention to Odin, then to his own son. All this ties into Hugo betraying his friends. He only wants attention.

Why might Odin be vulnerable to Hugo's actions?
Odin is a very strong, charismatic character. He plays a strong role in the movie. Odin is in love with a girl named Dezzy. He has sacrificed so much for her. When Hugo brings up a theory that Odin's girl may be sleeping with another teammate, Odin's brain begins to play tricks on him. He is overcome with jealousy. The more Hugo makes up, the more Odin becomes more jealous and starts to think violently about Dezzy and the boy she might be sleeping with.

Ms. D
11/27/2013 12:04:42

This is interesting. What deeper reason - personality traits or background - make Odin so susceptible to Hugo's deceit?


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